Monday, March 09, 2009

It's GOOD !!!!

I've long mused that I enjoy the process of writing, and would like to spend more of my time earning my way in the world as a writer ... Along the way I've had the privilege of becoming a regular columnist for the local weekly paper, and I've had a number of items published in a variety of places ranging from the regular newletter of the agency I work for currently, through to the United Church Observer ... my portfolio of published work is becoming quite hefty ...

Culminating last week this journey took an exciting new turn as I was invited to be amongst the contributors to a brand NEW publication here in Brandon !!!

Westman Parent Magazine is a very humble and VERY local publication on parenting in Western Manitoba, and is now available in both print and on line ... preparations are underway for a second edition, but for now - check out the Westman Parent Magazine website, and if you haven't been able to pick up a copy - read it on line ... it feels good to be part of something fun, exciting, informative and relevant ... the bonus for me is that I have two new articles to add to my portfolio of published works ... I can finally say with confidence - "I'm a writer!!!"


Anonymous said...

Congrats... here's hoping the local publication continues. The articles are great!


indigo said...

Good for you. Feels good doesn't it??!!