Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Momentous ????

I'm tempted to title this "Dumb and DUMBER" ... W. is making his way to Calgary where for $400 a PLATE, an estimated crowd of 1500 people will be hearing him speak on the topic of "eight momentous years in the White House."

Beyond what one could do with $600 000 rather than hearing a guy that my family doctor has spoken of saying - "Just look at the evidence ... he's clearly INSANE !!!" ... I will instead wonder what the hell is wrong with the 1500 people who WOULD WILLING pay 400 a PLATE to hear this clown speak ...

With things like this happening, I no longer need to wonder how fiascos like AIG happen ... greed, stupidity and unbelievable arrogance are just the tip of the ice berg ... It's too bad attempts by rational and sane folks in Alberta to have former President Bush arrested and charged with crimes against humanity haven't come to fruition ... what a message to the world to have Bush loaded on a plane in Calgary and hauled to The Hague to face justice for his "momentous" eight years in the White House ...

One can always hope!!!

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Anonymous said...

This morning I found a show on satellite.. Omg, it was hilarious and I think you would enjoy it immensely. It's called "Your Welcome America" and it's done by Will Farrel playing George Bush and offering reflections etc on his former presidency.. I love Will Farrel, and have loved his interpretation on SNL over the years as George Bush.. This certainly adds to the finished product. If you can find it somewhere possibly on dvd, take a look, too funny.