Thursday, November 06, 2008

Change we can believe in ...

a guy named Obama once said:

“Throughout my life, I have always looked to Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration, because he embodies the kind of transformational change that can be made when ordinary people come together to do extraordinary things,”

It's funny, over and over I get stopped by people and told - "I read your blog and I think it's awesome ..." in one case a non-United Church person said - "Keep up the good work, I like what you have to say and I hope you won't let 'them' win ..."

A few weeks ago I had occassion to be in Minnedosa for an extended period of time and over and over and over I was given warm hugs, told how much I was missed and encouraged to "keep fighting" one person said it bluntly - "Don't let those BASTARDS win!!" and he then went on to NAME who the BASTARDS were - his list was a remarkably accurate inventory of those who manipulated the process to remove me from Ministry.

I've long struggled with the negative comments that frequently get left on my blog, and wrestled with whether I should post anonymous comments or not.

I will often post anonymous comments so that I can't be criticized for censoring comments. My one rule of thumb is "no abuse", otherwise I will post even negative comments ... this morning is no exception.

However, what I realized today as I reflected more upon the negative comment posted on today's earlier posting, is that the speaker is writing from FEAR and outright IGNORANCE ... they speak from fear, dubbing criticism of inaction, political machination and outright manipulation as "unkind" and ask - "what set you off?"

Nothing set me off. I have been reflecting on these things for a very long time ... as I've owned my personal responsibility in a toxic situation and been called to account for MY actions, I've watched as others have been set free to continue down the path they have trod for too long - a path that has consumed more than just me.

Criticism has a place.

Harsh and blunt words are needed in the face of injustice.

People like Gandhi, King, Tutu, and countless others INCLUDING Barack Obama have used respectful criticism to name injustice as they find it.

Jim Wallis once said - "hope is believing in spite of the evidence and watching the evidence change," as he spoke of the fight against Apartheid. I wonder if Mandela, Tutu and others who fought against systemic injustice would have achieved the end they did, had they bitten their tongue and NOT spoken unkind words about the injustice that was perpetuated by a system that was simply and utterly SINFUL and MISGUIDED.

Go back anonymous reader and review the words of ANY of the people I've cited this morning - Gandhi, King, Tutu, Mandela, Wallis and even Barack - hear the incredibly sharp criticism they've lobbed at their opponents ... what you dub unkind is simply stating a TRUTH. Minnedosa United Church would be worshipping in a NEW Sanctuary Building Today had they stayed to the Truth rather than wallowing in political machinations, gossip, slander and outright cowardice.

Minnedosa is a community that is deeply grieving, and instead of rendering care the powers that be are simply edifying their positions of prestige and privilege and letting those who are hurting continue to HURT ... I ask ALL of you - IS THAT A FAITHFUL RESPONSE ???

The legacy of the prophetic visionaries is to name injustice and to name injustice is to ruffle feathers of those who are NOT about justice for ALL ... the funny thing is - in Minnedosa the voices that CONTINUE to critique me are those who wouldn't know justice if they tripped over it. AND for that reason alone, I chose to listen to the voices of those who pat me on the back and with tears in their eyes say - "thank you for your words. Keep Blogging. Keep speaking the truth ... DON'T LET THE BASTARDS WIN !!!!"

To my critics - DEAL WITH IT !! You're either with us (the pursuit of justice) or you're against us - it's YOUR CHOICE.

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Anonymous said...

It makes sense to me that people comment anonymously to your blog because you get so angry and nasty about most comments that raise any question about your vision of the world.