Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hmmm ... it's a generational thing ...

It's interesting to watch the online coverage of the Obama/McCain election ... while the popular vote is split almost 50/50, the intriguing stat that has so far been over looked by the talking heads and the other commentary is the exit poll information being supplied on cnn.com.

When broken down by age it is almost consistent - the 19 to 44 age groups have voted strongly for Obama, while the older than 65 age group have voted consistently for McCain.

The divide in our southern neighbour is deeper than simply a Democrat-Republican divide ... it is a generational thing. The older generation opt for the known entity of a older white man, while women and the young (under 44) have opted for the chance of change with a young, left (by US standards anyway) leaning Black Senator!!

Change is in the wind ... hopefully the wind will strongly blow for awhile !!!!

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