Friday, November 21, 2008

A Theoretical Flute ... !!!

The picture above is the pose that dear Flute assumed on Monday evening while the CBC Radio programme Ideas was playing.

That particular episode of Ideas was entitled "Living on Oxford Time," and was a discussion (described below) of ideas propounded by scientists and researchers at Oxford University on the reality of Time ...

For the entire hour Flute laid as above listening to the broadcast ... her obvious good taste in Radio programming aside, the prospect of Flute becoming familiar with theoretical physics has a ominous air about it ... I'll keep you posted if she starts reading Hawkins, or if she sets up a research lab in her little room at the back of the house ...

For now - the desription of the programme that held her attention is as follows:

Oxford is known for many things – its “dreaming spires,” as a poet once described it; its storied quadrangles, honey-coloured walls and graceful arches; its throngs of tourists. It’s also a place where time does not exist. And not just in the travel-guidebook sense of “well-preserved medieval buildings” or “centuries-old traditions.” Rather, it’s a place where time itself – depending on who you ask – may simply vanish. At least, that’s what science journalist Dan Falk heard when he spoke with a trio of researchers who have each developed rather unorthodox views about time and space, and, whether by chance or destiny, have all found a home in Britain’s oldest university town.

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