Monday, November 17, 2008

Puppy Ten Commandments ...

Thou shalt not chew on convenient body parts of nearby humans, this includes all items of their clothing, bedding, shoes, mittens, gloves, toques, hats, LIBRARY BOOKS, tv remotes, cell phones, toys, wallets, pens, pencils, Halloween Costumes, kleenex boxes, furniture, carpeting ... instead thou shall chew only on approved toys and other items generously designated for that purpose.

Thou shalt not open doors by flinging your body against them.

Thou shalt not sleep on human beds without permission and an INVITATION.

Thou shalt not regard cats and other felines as chew toys without their permission.

Thou shall regard a hissing cat as a danger to be avoided, NOT an invitation to play.

Thou shalt not leave bodily wastes on clothing found on the floor - TAKE IT OUTSIDE!!

Thou shall wear thy lovely red coat when outside in the cold without complaining OR CHEWING ON THE DAMNED THING !!!

Thou shall eat ONLY from thine food dish - cat food may be tasty and convenient, but it's NOT for puppies !!

Thou shalt not regard the Kitty Litter as a convenient take out dispenser for snacks - EVER!!!!

Thou shall remain cute and adorable to enable the immediate forgiveness for transgressions of the abovementioned restrictions !!!

Updates shall be added as required ...


Anonymous said...

yeah... good luck with that!

(and too cute btw)

itzktb said...

OMG, this post is SO funny! Throwing herself against doors to get them to OPEN? I should try that!!!!

Keep playing the Flute, she's becoming my favorite instrument!

Anonymous said...

I've been down for repairs for a while.Wow, what a cute puppy, I bet she keeps you running!


sallie Ledoux said...

Puppies R US! Anyone considering puppy parenthood should read this, it is so true. Congrats for the gorgeous puppy! (I have a five month old pup myself!)