Saturday, November 08, 2008

What would YOU do ???

So, the discussion around here between myself and some anonymous posters raises an interesting question for me ...

Laughing Pastor noted in a posting yesterday that some rather repulsive responses to Obama's election have arise - (click here to read his posting).

Given the tone of anonymous postings here lately, it would seem that the acceptable response to these occurances should be a shake of the head and nothing more.

I won't apologize for saying that such a response is complete BULLSHIT. Yet, often that response is the EXPECTED response of paid accountable clergy - "don't rock the boat" - "maintain the peace and calm" and so on ...

I've never accepted such a view, and I'm not about to now ... leadership, particularly in the Church demands a faith FILLED response, and that response calls us to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.

The ONLY response of the Church to the incidents that Blake has noted is OUTRAGE, REJECTION and a passionate effort to create the INCLUSIVE, WELCOMING, OPEN MINDED and faithful community that IS the Kingdom of God in our midst ... and it begins by daring to speak the truth in the face of complacency, unfaithfulness and cowardice.

Anything else is UNFAITHFUL and unacceptable. But even in saying this, I know I am merely opening myself up to criticism from those who can not and will not open themselves up to this understandings ...

The world is changing ... we can stand in a place of fear, or we can, like I've noted previously here - lean into our fears and take the great leap of faith into the unknown ...


Anonymous said...

I am assuming that the noose is in reference to Laughing Pastor's blog and not to those who have made comment on your blog. I've read them and I don't think they deserve such a reaction.

Anonymous said...

This may not belong at this post, but it fits the topics.

Forgiveness if a full time job, and sometimes very difficult. Few of us always succeed, yet making the effort is our most noble calling. It is the world's only real chance to begin again. A radical forgiveness is a complete letting go of the past, in any personal relationship, as well as in any collective drama.

—Excerpted from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles