Thursday, November 13, 2008

Faces of Hate ...

This morning on Facebook I noticed one of my friends had joined a group entitled "Gay women get battered at children's school."

Being a news junkie, I was surprised NOT to have encountered a story like this online yet, so I clicked and read ... what I read horrified me, so I googled for more information ... I found the following article sourced from The Toronto Star:

It was a sunny afternoon, school was out and children were gathering in the playground.
Jane Currie and her partner, Anji Dimitriou, both small, soft-spoken women, were waiting with other parents at Gordon B. Attersley public school in Oshawa, when, fists flying, a man attacked them, his blows as harmful as his words.

"Which one of you two 'men' spoke to my kid? F------ dyke. Lesbians," he said, spitting in Dimitriou's face. As she wiped her face, eyes closed, he punched her on the cheek and wound up again, slamming her backward into her truck. As Currie ran toward him, she remembers him shouting, "F------ dyke bitches," and punched her on the cheekbone so hard the skin burst apart, blood splattering.

What Currie remembers most, from the afternoon of Nov. 3, is the stillness of the schoolchildren, and the sound of her six-year-old son screaming. "It was a face of complete and utter horror," Currie said in an interview yesterday. "His mouth was wide open, and he just stood there, screaming."

I found additional links, and after some searching into the regional sites of the Mainstream media pages of CTV and CBC, found it there as well. It all served to broadened the story and add to the disgusting details ...

In my not so humble opinion, the man's actions are quite simply a hate crime, and should be prosecuted accordingly ...

To read more on this click the following links:

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As a parting thought, I quote Ms Currie who said eloquently: “You try and explain that to your kids,” Indeed ... how do you explain to children why their motherS were beaten for simply being who they are ??

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