Friday, January 30, 2009

"Mommy Don't"

The story of Karissa Boudreau's horrific death at the hands of her own mother has left me absolutely sickened today (click here to read the account - 'Mommy, don't,' Bridgewater girl pleaded in last moments of life ) ... The 12 year old's disappearance last year and then the discovery of her body followed months later by the charging of her mother in her death left me appalled ... but to learn today the circumstances of this beautiful young girl's death at the hands of her own mother leaves me weeping ...

But to hear that Karissa's last words were the plea - "Mommy don't ..." leaves me sick to my stomach at the depravity that is revealed by such a bone-chilling action by her own mother ...

The death of a 12 year old is bad enough ... but the circumstances of this young girl's death are beyond description ... there are simply no words to adequately describe the horror and the outrage that this represents ... happenings like this represent the deepest darkest moments of humanity's total depravity ... I pray that Karissa is given a special place in whatever lies beyond this life - she deserves no less!!

Hug your kids ... appreciate them ... and thank God for them ... THEY deserve no less from their parents, guardians and care-givers!!

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