Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Truth will always prevail ...

In the past, I've been accused of being anti-American ... it's an accusation that has been thrown around fast and furiously at times ...

It is an accusation that is simply untrue and without basis in reality ...

I have never been a fan of soon to be FORMER President George W. Bush, or his restrictive, conservative, and regressive policies.

I have been open in my contempt and dislike of Mr Bush and what his presidency represents in the world ...

I have said SINCE SEPTEMBER 11th 2001, that I didn't fear another terrorist attack so much as what Bush's administration was capable of doing in response to the horrific attacks that day ... history has borne that fear out ...

I have many wonderful and cherished friends who are American.

I have a love for many things American.

Just not President Bush and what he has done to his nation, his people and our world.

Today I can and proudly say - I AM NOT ANTI-AMERICAN !!!

Today I am proud to be a neighbour to a nation that is about to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama !!!!

Today I can say only: "God Bless America, and President Obama !!!" and I say it with great joy!!


itzktb said...

It's pro country, not anti-country, to want what's best. It is our responsibility as human beings to speak out against the injustice of all nations--and to accept the status quo is nothing short of betrayal.

Thanks Rev, thanks Canada!

Candygirlflies said...

My four-year-old just looked at the photo at the top of your post, and shouted:


Just so all your readers are aware, our family is very proudly Canadian.

President Obama is a beacon of hope for all the citizens of the world, as well as Americans.

Even the four-year-olds.

xo CGF