Friday, June 12, 2009

God Doesn't Hate Goths revisited yet again ...

It's funny - in a very very sad way - I get criticized by those "righteous voices" within the Church who don't want things to be pushed and changed, for being too opinionated and outspoken, and yet from the world outside the Church, I am frequently praised and thanked for being opinionated and outspoken ... It causes me pause, and makes me wonder who is being faithful in all of this?
Those who defend the Church and want it to stay the same without the stress of change and upheaval, or those who stand outside the Church calling to for something spiritual, and yearning for something more ... I will not even suggest and answer to that question, lest I bring down the wrath of "God's Annointed Ones" yet again ... I'll leave the judgement up to my readers and to our God ... AND I will continue to speak my mind and push at the boundaries and I WILL CONTINUE TO CHALLENGE THE CHURCH TO BE MORE THAN IT IS !!
Today I found yet another comment posted on the original God Doesn't Hate Anybody posting from 2007, that helps to underscore the importance of the medium and the message I convey in this place:
Thank you for writing what you did. its good to know someone out there is accepting towards goths. i consider myself goth even though, no, i do not wear black all the time. not all goths do-contrary to popular belief-just as not all goths are depressed. often they just look at things differently than most people. as for the belief that all goths are atheists ( im not even quite sure what that means :I ) i was raised christian, mant goths are christians are goths, or vis-versa, as well as other religions. however, sites like GODHATESGOTHS just turn more people away from the lord. i was. at an early age i was a very strong believer in christ. later, after seeing how mant of faith rejected lifestyles such as mine and my friends, i began to lose faith in god. so i think your site is very good for those who believe they will only face rejection from god and chruch. thank you and keep writing! :)

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