Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey Ms Raitt, cancer has touched my life too ... I have dear friends who have underwent treatment for cancer, I've had family members under go treatment, I've buried people I've cared about who succumbed to cancer ... your tearful apology is spin doctoring at its absolute WORST!!!!

Yes, we feel sorry for you for your losses, and we understand completely that those loses have been devestating and have hurt - but seriously, your comment was insensitive and stupid AND was a clear indicator of nothing more than your political ambition ...

The CTV story is here

While I for one appreciate your tearful apology to people touched by cancer, it still isn't enough ... stand before the People of Canada and our Prime Minister and do the right thing - RESIGN !!!!

You are an embarassment and your apology is mere diversion, it's time to step aside.

Meanwhile Three Cheers for the opposition parties for hammering on the issue - the scandalous shortage of isotopes and the off-handed way in which the Government has dealt with it is unacceptable ... and NOW the Conservatives are trying to blame the previous Liberal Government for the problems ... hmm ...

Come on Mr Harper ... deal with this crisis and stop trying to blame everyone but your Government ...

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