Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hey Mr Harper!!

Okay ... let's get this straight ... Prime Minister Harper is rebuffing calls for Ms Raitt's resignation from ALL three opposition parties by calling their actions "Cheap Politics."

Read the CTV.ca news item by clicking here.

He's even sent out the minions to defend Ms Raitt's comments by saying "they were taken out of context."

What part of a shortage of medically necessary isotopes for cancer surgery being SEXY is being taken out of context???

Does the context that it was an unguarded candid conversation make it OK??

Does the context that Ms Raitt was just speaking her mind in what was a behind closed doors setting, and expressing her political ambitions at the expense of Canadians needing treatment suddenly acceptable??

I dunno Mr Harper, but the hole you and Ms Raitt are digging here just keeps getting deeper and deeper ... your attempts at diverting the issue, and muddy-ing the waters by trying to do some political spin are seeming more and more feeble and pathetic ...

As you stand in the House of Commons and accuse your fellow parlimentarians of "Cheap Politics" I can't help but think of what my late Grandfather used to say to us when we called one another names. Grandpa would quietly say - "when you call someone else a name, or call them down, just remember that there are three fingers pointing back at yourself ..."

Damned Mr Harper ... cheap attack ads ... bullying behaviour ... frivilous law suits ... I wonder who is practising cheap politics ...

Oh, and for the record Mr Harper, I have no problem with the tempest in a tea cup about Mr Baird dropping the F-bomb about the GTA ... atleast the F-bomb has a parlimentary tradition with Mr Trudeau ... but the ineptitude exhibited by Ms Raitt and her staff can not and must not be waved off with accusations against your Loyal Opposition ...

Cheap Politics Mr Harper ??

Look at your extended index finger of accusation and consider where the other three fingers are pointing ... then ask yourself who is really practising cheap politics ...

Mr Harper, me thinks the Prime Minister doth protest too much !!!!

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