Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Telling it like it is ...

In his book "The Silent Fifties" author (and actor) Roger Bown observes:
"These people own the world!" Harold declared. "They always have and they always will! That's why there's no hope for the human race!"

"You've got to keep trying," Arthur said earnestly.

"Don't you get it?" Harold replied in anger and frustration, "People like Swinton, Pomeroy and Nixon and Stalin are the experts, the professionals! They love power, and they work on it twenty-four hours a day! An amateur can no more compete with them then he could with a brain surgeon or an opera star!"

"I thought stupidity rose to the top!" Livia exclaimed.

"A differnt kind! God, I wish I'd stayed home today."

People who love power are the experts, and they will stop at nothing to grab it, hold it and maintain it ... they are found in every bureacracy, every agency, every company, every government, and even throughout the Church ... fortunately, there continue to be those who see their lust for power, no matter how insignificant that power may be, and in time Truth WILL prevail ... it is THAT understanding that breath hope into the social movements of our world, and that tell us that those who lust for power, even if it is in a small town, will one day fall flat on their faces ...

I LOVE the stupidity rose to the top quip though - BRILLIANT !!

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itzktb said...

Thank you, Rev! I was just about to go to sleep and what a lovely thing to find before turning out the lights!

My father would have appreciated your review--I certainly do!