Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I love dandelions ...

Dandelions are simply a plant found out of place ... they are beautiful - anyone who has had a wee small person bring a fist full of dandelions to them with the words "I picked these for you ..." will agree.


But more than that, dandelions are a plant that is incredibly useful ... you can eat their leaves in salad, add them to stir fries, use their flowers for wine, dry the leaves and stems for tea, dry the roots for a coffee substitute, and that's not even mentioning the dozens of herbal and medicinial remedies that this humble little plant offers - AND - yesterday on CBC radio they had a conversation with researchers from Ohio who are exploring the commercial potential of dandelions as a source of natural latex rubber !!!


All in all, for a tiny ubiquitious plant it's a pretty impressive cv ... and yet we persist in calling it a weed ... it's just an under appreciated plant ... and a metaphor for ALL of us ...

... it also offers us some beautiful pictures
if we take the time to enjoy it, instead of using
noxious and toxic chemicals to eradicate it !!

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