Monday, June 08, 2009

What Noahkila did this weekend ...

Yup ... he smacked up his face "real good".

Trying to jump a ramp, Noahkila did a face plant over the handlebars of his bicycle, and in addition to the scrapes, scratches and bruises you can see here, he BROKE his nose!!!

After almost four hours in emerg, he was sent home ... not much they can do ... he NOW has a slightly off-centre nose like his old man's !!!

Guess it means he's officially a member of the Family NOW !!!


indigo said...

Let's see. You have in your tender care for the fleeting moment, three children. That means you can expect:

133 scraped knees and elbows
4 styes
4 foreign objects in ear, eye, nose
2 broken arms or legs
3 scalp wounds
1 broken nose
44 cases of diarrhea
54 cases of flu like symptoms
4 sprained ankles
2 sprianed wrists
890 faked attempts at "illness"
1 unplanned pregnancy
2 cases of worms
3 cases of lice
3 cases of scabies
4 bouts of staph infections
1 case of food poicioning
1 allergic reaction

shawn said...

Let's see ... we've had a variety of these items ... not sure I want to encounter the unplanned pregnancy though ... I have no problem - we dealt with it - Noahkila has dealt with it ... he just has a beak like his dad now !

... in the meantime ... oh the memories ... lego blocks in the nose ... bedding and stuffies on the front step in -42 temps ... and a regular refrain of "I'm too sick to go to school today ..." along with an accompanying cough-cough !!

It's life in all its fulness !!