Tuesday, June 09, 2009

WHY is this Woman still in Office ????

Let's see - to recap recent events ...

Ms Raitt's assistant left sensitive papers behind and resigned.

Then it turns out that this same assistant left behind a tape recorder some months ago with a conversation between her and Minister Raitt. When the tape recorder resurfaces, this now unemployed young woman launches what may be an expensive law suit to prevent the contents of the tape from being made public through the media ...

The lawsuit is unsuccessful and we now have heard Ms Raitt questioning the competence of a fellow cabinet minister AND as if that wasn't bad enough, we hear Ms Raitt call the shortage of medical isotopes in Canada a "sexy" issue that would presumably help her political career ...

Today I did a bit of an online search about Ms. Raitt, who won her seat after a rather nasty campaign against former Conservative turned Liberal Garth Turner and discovered a few things:

From Wikipedia there is the following entry:

"S.L.A.P.P. controversy - In 2006, Raitt in her capacity as CEO of Toronto Port Authority, initiated a rare political libel action against a citizen group, Community Air, that had criticized her. The Globe and Mail described TPA's multi-million dollar strategic lawsuit against public participation, as designed to prevent "the volunteer activists from making any more allegedly defamatory statements about the federal agency -- a category of speech, according to the wide-open statement of claim the authority filed in court last week, that would seem to include every public statement any of the activists has ever made in this hotly contested, thoroughly aired, public debate". The suit was eventually settled out of court when Community Air agreed to retract its statements and apologize."

I also learned that Raitt went on record saying that melting polar ice caps in the north would be good for tourism in the arctic, AND NOW the NDP are asking for a review of her spending in her position as President and CEO of the Toronto Port Authority - her expense account exceeding 80 000 dollars for (among many things) hospitality expenses !!!!

Is it just me - or is Mr Harper ignoring the BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS ????

Stephen Harper!!!!
Lisa Raitt HAS to GO !!!!

Ask for an accept her resignation, then have the courage to stand before the House of Commons and take your licks for this silliness ... don't try to spin it as a Liberal-NDP conspiracy ... don't try to blame Mr Ignatieff ... and don't try to pretend that ANY of THIS is OK !!!

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - don't resort to the courts to pretend this didn't happen by suing folks or slander or libel ...

Come on Mr Harper - use that iron fist of yours to do the right and moral thing !!!

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