Monday, April 02, 2007

Comments from the Peanut Gallery ...

I was tempted to simply delete the following anonymous comments that was left on the Blog entry entitled: "And the Headlines continue ..." But then I decided that they are entitled to their opinions. Our Church fire was a tragedy, not because the perpetrators or those who hold their opinions in regards to the Church struck a blow at God, or the Institution called the Church. It is and remains a tragedy because they struck a blow at a community of people who are repulsed by many of the things done in the name of God and the Church as these folks are.

What has been done in the name of religion is and remains a blot on humanity ... but in Minnedosa the building that burned to the ground on February 12th 2006 was in the fullest sense a sanctuary in the madness of the world. The community functions, the Food Cupboard, the Nursery School, the worship, the youth activities, the family gatherings - all the things that for 105 years were hosted in that beautiful building were the exact opposite of what Nietzche spoke of.

Moreover, to the anonymous commentator: Christianity needs to be called to account for its since, it needs to change and atone for much ... but burning down a rural church that serves an already struggling community, serves no good, and is the kind of action Nietzche himself would condemn. I've read and studied him - and I kinda like him ...

The burning of our Church only underscores the danger that arises from ignorance ...

For now though - here's the comment that I found this afternoon (and to the anonymous poster - "thanks for your opinion."):

im glad they did it christianity deserves to burn ... im glad they did it christianity deserves to burn im just disapointed all churches of the world where not set a blaze. as the famous philosopher neitzche said christianty is immoral blemish on the human race. chruch burning is pay back for everything christianity stole and ruined

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