Sunday, April 22, 2007


Yesterday, a group of teens at the local High School (MCI) held an evening dessert and information benefit is support of a Junior School project in rural Ethiopia.

Not only did these teens organize a 30 hour Starve-athon, they also organized the evening of presentations by Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres), The Marquis Project of Brandon and the Galbraith family from Minnedosa. The intent was to raise awareness in our community about the issues of poverty, HIV/AIDS and the ways in which we can offer a hand up, rather than a hand out to the people of Ethiopia. The teens also set out to raise 6000 dollars to help support the Hesu Junior School in GOBA Province of Ethiopia.

These teens deserve a hearty round of applause. They had about 50 students participating in the Starve-athon, they also pulled off the dessert laden Benefit AND they surpassed their goal through the sponsorship of the starve-athon, through the sale of tickets for admission and raffles and through the auction of mementos and treasures from Ethiopia.

Anyone who attended last nights event had a fabulous time, and are rightly proud of our teens and what they have been able to accomplish. With teenagers like this maybe it is possible that the world can be changed ...

Let us truly hope so !!!
For now, a hearty round of applause for the teenagers in our community who have taken seriously the responsibility we ALL share to care for our neighbour, even if our neighbour is half a world away !!!

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