Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Home Town Hero !!!

Is this man a hero??
He doesn't think so.
He says all he did was get "blown up."
Well, he IS a hero, and this town is proud of him.
In today's Globe and Mail is a major article about
Cpl Scott Collen a member of the PPCLI who was wounded in Afghanistan.
Scott doesn't think of himself as a hero,
but the rest of us do.
What do you think??
and let me know ...
check out the slide show of
Scott's recovery too !!!
Oh, and to any of my readers who get the print edition of the
Saturday (today) Globe and Mail ... could you possibly
mail me the Focus Section of the paper??
Scott's family are looking for copies of the article,
and the stores in town only get one copy of the Globe and Mail
each Saturday, and I have a standing "hold" on it ...
(I'm going to share it - but we'd like more)
mail it c/o PO Box 692 Minnedosa MB R0J 1E0
(thanks in advance)

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