Thursday, April 26, 2007

What's Wrong with This Picture ????

This man is the suspect in the disappearance and killing
of dozens of women who vanished from the
mean streets of Vancouver ...

He is currently on trial in BC for 6 of the deaths.
The investigation has cost millions,
the trial will cost millions more ...
... his crimes are indescribably disturbing,
his victims were amongst society's most vulnerable.
Yet, today you are hard pressed to find ANY reference to
him or his trial or his crimes in ongoing news coverage.
Instead we're awash in
Phil Spector's Murder trial,
Conrad Black's Fraud Trial,
and Albert Walker's latest trial.
These are the things that are all over today's headlines,
and s a result
the anonymity that allowed Pickton
to victimize DOZENS OF WOMEN
continues to reign supreme.
Pickton's victims deserve better
than the occasional mention.
I'm not talking about splashing
every sordid detail all over the papers,
I'm talking about remembering
the guy is ON TRIAL in the first place.
These women had names, families, lives and communities.
They deserve more than a by-line buried somewhere
in the back page of a newspaper, or some obscure link on a web page.
I'm tired of Black and Spector and the others,
Pickton's victims deserve to be remembered!!

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