Wednesday, January 02, 2008

One of MY ABSOLUTE favourite winter songs:

I LOVED this song in the old Rankin and Bass tv special A Year without a Santa Claus ... the one night a couple of years ago I was sitting watching tv late at night when a band called Big Bad Voodoo Daddy appeared on Jay Leno ... Now to put it in context, I can count on fingers of ONE hand the number of times I've ACTUALLY watched even a portion of Leno's late show, and still have enough fingers left over to offer a few rude gestures ... SO, for whatever reason I cruised by Leno's The Tonight Show just as the boys in Big Bad Voodoo Daddy were getting ready to perform ...

They performed the number posted below ... and my admiration of them began ... I adore their Christmas Album featuring the cover of the Snow Miser - Heat Miser song ... and their rocky jazz big band sound is a favourite when we're driving in the van.

So, for your winter listening pleasure the incomprehable Big BAd Voodoo Daddy:

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