Saturday, January 05, 2008

Words worth hearing

Tonight as I was playing around on my OTHER blog (Meditative Moments) and preparing my bold proclamation to begin to offer my ministry and my reflections to the world Beyond Minnedosa, I received the following comment on a previous posting ... As I read the words I smiled and I'll readily admit, a tear formed in my eyes, because after weeks of feeling the acute sting of rejection, - a rejection that has rocked me to the core - and having begun to doubt if what I believe is simply misguided ... the words of NurseMedusa, offered me a much needed, and much more appreciated, pat on the back ...

I don't do what I do for praise and adulation ... but a little appreciation once in awhile is nice ... and today from a stranger half a world away I recieved a beautiful note of encouragement and support for the work I've just committed myself to ...

well done, you are a fantastic person, and a shinging beacon of hope for religion,

i am a part of the gothic subculture, and have been given hastle by religous groups myself (even though i live in england a more tolarent country)

i am very sorry to hear about the burning of your church. i have to say that god hates goths is an ignorant site, i happen to wear all sorts of vibrant coulourse nd listen to dance music, as im a cyber goth.

i would really like to get in touch with u since u seem a fantastic person who is tolarant and respectful to others. i wish to raise some things to your attention. yes a lot of goths are dissatisfied with the church, i hav catholic parents and have moved on from the church simply because i dislike how it limits my thoughts, as a transvestite, a bi-sexual, and a friend of many homosexuals and transgender people, i frankly find catholic teachings non compatible with my life style, but your blog struck a cord in me, it reminds me of my parents, you see beyond the art of the goth image and see the person who is creative, and intelligent, and not a monster.

also one last thing, you may not be aware of, there have been murders of goths in england, and i think you'd agree with me the deaths of these people put this god hats goths sight even more into the innapropriate region in which it dwells.may you have peace and happyness in your life style.

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MY OWN WOMAN... said...

The writer spoke elequently concerning the person you are; please believe in yourself. You have no idea how many people need your spirit. The message of love is essential, you have that message.