Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcoming in the New Year ...

Welcome to a photo-diary for the waning of 2007, and the advent of 2008 ...

2007 ended with a gathering of friends:

A profusion of food was provided, including a platter of freshly baked challah bread and cheesy biscuits prepared by MOI!!:

New Year's Day began quietly with Ms H and Beetle staying for a sleep over ... the felines had the right idea to start the day:

Later in the afternoon Beetle became a lumber jack/carpenter as she began a craft project ... rumour is that she wants to build a tiny log cabin from sticks and twigs scavenged from the yard :

Then New Years Day ended much as it had begun ... quietly, with Sir Diesel continuing his winter nap ... day 12 and counting:

So ... from our sleepy house to yours: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

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