Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cool Promotions ...

As a news junkie I read a dozen stories a day that I pause to consider blogging on ... I could fill my postings with the latest strange news item, or the latest political nonsense, but instead I generally read the items, shake my head and move on ...

Today though, I found a story that BEGGED to be commented on ... The British Legion has created a Remembrance Day mascot called Poppy Man. He has a site on Facebook and if you google-image search him you'll come up with more than a couple of pics of him ...

The story on CBC was titled: "Poppy Man tours war zone to launch Remembrance Day Appeal" it caught my attention simply because it did ... nothing flashy, nothing glamourous - just a simple head line that made me say - "Huh? I wonder what that's about ..."

I'm intrigued ... I've asked to become a friend of Poppy Man on Facebook, and I've been reading some of the other stories about him ... and what I like is the simple reason for creating him - they were looking for something to promote the poppy that wasn't a celebrity, and that highlighted the reason for wearing the little red flower !!

How cool is THAT ???

Check out Poppy Man's BLOG by clicking here !!

Check out the NEWS from the Royal British Legion by clicking here !!

and check out some of the posters with Poppy Man by clicking here !!

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