Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You can make a difference ...

My childrens' story on Sunday was about how to show and share our love for the people around us ... in addition to using a quotation by Martin Luther King about the three forms of love found in his 1967 Christmas Sermon on Peace, I refered to Mother Theresa's quotation "we can do no great things, just small things with great love" and encouraged the children to consider the small ways we can show our love ...

Christian entertainer Randy Stonehill summarized it well, when back in the mid80's he offered his song "We Are His Hands" in response to the famine in Africa that spawned "Do They Know it's Christmas," "We are the world," and "Tears are NOT enough" that I featured previously.

Stonehill's recording has been refered to previously here (click here), and remains a powerful call to faithful action ...

Stonehill's words are:

"But we are His hands
We are His voice
We are the ones who must
make the choice
And if it isn't now,
tell me when?
If it isn't you, then tell me
who will save the children?

Building on the concept of putting our faith into action, I offered the sermon posted over at Meditative Moments ... click here to check it out.

Shalom and Sala'am

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