Thursday, October 16, 2008

World FOOD DAY !!!

World Food Day.
A day to remember those in our world
who do not have enough food.
in Canada today,
those who are experiencing food security and access issues,
is a growing demographic.
Today in Brandon Manitoba the
Farm Credit Canada
Drive Away Hunger Campaign
is wrapping up with events throughout the city.
All food collected here in Brandon
will be donated to the work and ministry of
Samaritan House Ministries,
who run a food bank (among other things), and
who partner with Helping Hands to provide
a soup kitchen and a place of care and support,
to those in need.
I have been honoured with the opportunity to speak
at one of the stops ...
... my message is simple:
This is a solvable problem.
In a world of plenty, there is only one excuse for hunger:
Stay tuned - more to come ...
I'm off to spend World Food Day,
helping to collect food for my neighbours ...

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Anonymous said...

Did people give vegtables from their garden's?