Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy B.day ...

Twelve years ago in Campbell River BC,
she arrived in the world,
and she's made her presence KNOWN ever since.
It's hard to believe my little baby girl,
is becoming such a beautiful young woman.
It's ALL happening too fast,
and the twelve years have simply blown right past.
Happy Birthday Ms. H.
I hope it is a marvelous one.
One of many many more !!


itzktb said...

Happy Birthday from NYC!!!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated to Ms.H! Love her and enjoy all the carefree moments this 12 yr old can offer. Too soon she'll be a beautiful teenage girl who will try your patience, test your limits and make you sick with worry... But those things will also be the things to strengthen your love and bond. Trust me though, the teen years ahead will surely turn you gray in a hurry... oh, i forgot Rev.. at least you're one up on the rest of us in that department!!! take care