Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If ...

If we can avoid a Conservative Government in the upcoming election,
but can't have a LIBERAL Majority,
the next best thing would be a Liberal Minority,
with a strong showing by the NDP
who partner in a coalition Government.

Looking back across the breadth of Canadian history,

some of the most productive times in our political litany

came into being when the Liberals and the NDP(CCF) worked together.

Without such cooperation we would not have something

as fundamentally Canadian as


If we can avoid having a second term of the current government

perhaps we will succeed in having a left of centre

governing coalition that remembers the average Canadian.

My second choice for PM after Mr Dion

would be Mr. Ducceppe.

He's an unabashed social democrat,

too bad he's a Quebec Sovereigntist!!

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