Monday, September 29, 2008


Today in Ottawa, they added SIX new names to the memorial to fallen Police and Peace Officers. I've searched the news sites to find a story about the service, and thus far have found NONE ... obviously the gathering of a few thousand uniform police officers, and assorted family members to remember their fallen family and friends is not newsworthy ...
So, as this day draws to a close, I offer this posting as a reminder to all of my readers to pause and remember the fallen, whether they wear a uniform of green or a uniform of blue ... it doesn't matter how they chose to serve us and our nation ... when they pay the ulitmate sacrifice the grief that remains doesn't really care one way or the other ...
Today our country may not have remembered the fallen police officers ... but I did ... As the laughter of my children drifted in the open kitchen window on a beautiful autumn afternoon, I couldn't help but think how much my father would have enjoyed meeting and spending time with his grandchildren - like their grand dad, my three have discovered the joy of making films ... Dad used his little super 8 to preserve family moments ...Noahkila, Ms H and Beetle along with a new friend, were creating a "not so scary" horror film ... from the rough cut and the laughter, I'm not worried that it will be rated Adult Accompaniment ...
Today I thought a lot about the father and grand father I never knew:

Constable Samuel E. Ankenmann

Badge # 3000

September 16th 1928 to June 29th 1968

A Hero in Life, NOT death.

The Canadian Police & Peace Officers' Memorial Entry

OPPA Honour Roll Entry

Officer Down Memorial Page Entry

For if we fail to remember them,
who will be left to remember but their families,
and we are ALL family.

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