Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last night I found another comment on my blog from someone calling themselves "The Goth Princess" commenting on the posting "God Doesn't Hate Goths" put up back in 2007.

After reading the comment and posting it, I spent sometime reading the web site ... I wish I could say I was "inspired" to read it, but the word inspired calls to mind positive Spirit generated ideas for me ... this particular website is ANYTHING but positive and Spirit generated.

Claiming that God hates a sub-culture that a particular narrow religious view fears and fails to understand is not a faithful response ... even more disturbing is the contention of the author of this web site that God hates handicapped people ... the language used drips with ignorant hate and is not reflective of ANY God I could or would love ... and from there the web site only gets worse ... the narrow small minded views expressed there are simply and utterly horrifying ...

I will however agree with the author that Jesus DOES weep at times ... unlike this frightening, small minded world view, I think that Jesus weeps when sites like this perpetuate unfaithful hatefilled nonsense that is not reflective of God's gift of Grace and Love ...

In an effort to provide "BALANCE" to this I would direct my readers to the numerous posting I have placed on this site discussing this issue in the past. In addition to the posting mentioned above there are others.

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And of course there was yesterday's posting ... if you want to read more type in Goth or Goths in the search bar in the upper left corner of this site ... most of what will pop up are the various newspaper articles that linked the Church Fire at Minnedosa United to the Goth sub-culture.

For me personally, the intent is to continue to perpetuate the idea that God hates NO ONE, and that sites and groups who would make such a claim are not only offensive and mistaken, they are an anathema to God and those who profess faith in the Creator ...

Blessings to one and all ... and I MEAN ALL !!!

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Shanna Allan ( said...

Hi... i accidentally fell across your website and was very inspired by your blog about God not hating Goths. I have been Goth almost as long as i have been a Christian. It was the hate and scorn of the church at my obvious "standing out" that made me leave the church. I still practice religion and praise God. I am still goth. So this comment is a thank you for your agreement. The church, instead of seeing others who seem "wierd" and tossing them aside, needs to view them on the same level as all lost sheep. In my case, i wasn't the lost sheep they were looking for. God Bless.