Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hmmmm ...

I'll admit, yesterday wasn't a good day for me ... I won't revisit the why, but rather say - "it was what it was, and today is a new day ..."

This morning when I signed on here I found a comment from a reader that made me feel a bit better about things and started today off with some positive energy ... she offered in reply to my posting of January 2007 entitled "God doesn't hate Goths" the following:

I LOVE you!

I consider myself a devout Catholic;

I mean, obviously, I'm not perfect. But I DO make a point of going to church and youth group every week and pay attention and try to apply what I learn to my life. I help run!

In the middle school youth group as well, and I study the Bible and other Christian books often and intently. I do my best to keep a good prayer life.

I also have a dark aesthetic lifestyle and way of thinking. I love art, and I listen to many types of music-- Goth and heavy metal make up a large portion of my musical taste. I dress Goth, and I stick to the Goth sets of beliefs (these don't, in any way, clash with my Christian beliefs).

I've been told to my face that my Goth lifestyle is one giant sin. I laughed. I believe that God made me this way, and I don't see how being Goth can make me anti-God. There are plenty of Goths who are "God people" and plenty who aren't. There are also plenty of non-Goths who are and aren't followers of God.

Besides, what you said is true; God loves EVERYONE.It's big to see a preacher reinforcing this fact when so many people refuse to accept it. Thank you. :)


Thank you Hailey ...

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