Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Look Back ...

Last night I was looking back over my blog for something ... I never found it ... and now I can't even recall what it was that I was looking for ... my attention got diverted by the content of the many postings I was reviewing ...

Along the way I found an interesting posting from January 16th 2007, when I noted that Barak Obama had filed his papers and created a committee to explore the possibility of his candidacy for President of the United States of America ... I mused that it would be nice to see John Edwards occupy the seat of president and Barak be his VP for 8 years, then Barak could take the Presidency for 8 ...

Funny how things turned out ... 18 months later Barak Obama is the de facto Democratic candidate, John Edwards has stepped out of the picture ... maybe - just maybe the dream of ALL are men created will finally have tangible proof.

The other piece about Barak Obama that impressed me lately was an article in last week's Globe and Mail where McCain and Obama were contrasted ... one of the queries was - "what is the last work of fiction you've read?"

I don't remember McCain's answer ... But Barak impressed me with his answer: Gilead by Marylynne Robinson.

I read the book back in November of 2006, and noted it with two postings:

November 4th 2006


November 13th 2006 (when I finished it)

It's a good book ... and it impresses me that Obama has not only read it, but admitted it to the press!!

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