Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today's Trek:

Today, just after lunch I loaded my bike into the back of the car, and headed up to Riding Mountain National Park ... 2 hours - 30 kms - 3 litres of water - 2 apples - three granola bars - two chunks of cheese and one chocolate bar later ... I arrived back where I started, having mud bogged through the first third of the Grasshopper Valley Trail:

Then I thumped my way along a very rough and tumble trail that would have shaken my fillings loose if I had any ... thank GOD for the shock absorbers on the front of my bike!!!!

I stopped for a drink of water and the first of my snacks after about 35 minutes before continuing on to the Central Trail Junction:

Half an Hour later, I stopped again to drink more water, dig some mud out of my gears, and rest a bit before continuing on to the Central Trail:

After the mud and the boggy bits and the uneven surface of the Grasshopper Valley Trail, the flat gravelled surface of the Central Trail was a dream ... I practically FLEW along the trail back to the car:

Can you see why I LOVE biking into the heart of Riding Mountain National Park??

My tired, muddy legs after approximately 22 kilometres of very intense wilderness biking:
I think I'll go back tomorrow !!!