Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Morning 2 Do List ...

I woke up at 6:20 ... and the day began:
- start a load of laundy
- fry meat for tonight's beef curry
- start coffee maker
- peel potatoes and carrots for curry
- slice onion
- start crock pot
- add ingredients to crock pot
- pour coffee
- do the dishes from last night
- hang laundry on the line
- make sure the various animals have water & food
- wake children up
- prepare lunches for school
- find bug spray, sun screen and other stuff for Beetle's field trip
- refill coffee
- take out recycling
- take out compost to bin
- check on crock pot
- make beds
- pick up stray dirty clothes for tomorrow's laundry
- shower
- get dressed
- read paper
- finish coffee
- brush teeth
- get ready for work
- tidy up kitchen
- give the crock pot one last stir
- leave for work (8:20 am!!)

Then arriving at work the list continues at 9:05 am:
- check emails
- answer voice mails
- prepare finalized agenda for today's meeting
- gather various materials to be handed out
- prepare summary of conversation on homeless for distribution
- review work on policy being drafted by my office
- prepare first draft of said policy for distribution
- vet first draft past two participants for review and clarification
- print and verify membership list for updating at meeting
- prepare refreshments
- answer phone calls
- think about grabbing lunch ...

Now as 12 Noon approaches, I'm looking at an afternoon that is NO LESS busy ... no wonder I end the day tired ... and I haven't even had time to have a tea yet ...

Oh Well, the upside is - I LOVE MY JOB !!!! and it makes everything else seem fun ...

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heartnurse said...

That looks like an average woman's workday. I think you guys are catching up. Congrats!!