Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crossing The Jordan ...

Forty Years ago today, at the age of 40,
his earthly journey ended in a tragic accident ...


in the 40th year of the infant son he left behind,

That son begins a NEW chapter,

he crosses his Jordan River from the wilderness

that for too long he wandered in ...

... things won't suddenly be 'ALL BETTER',

but today he stops being a

doormat for both 'friends' and family,

today he straightens his back,

stands upright,

Today he will begin to live aware and present

to the wonders of THIS MOMENT.

Today that infant son, now grown,

becomes present to THE NOW

that exists around him

and instead of spinning stories,

focuses on the facts and the truth.

Today is a new day ...

... the journey in the wilderness has ended !!

The journey into the Promised Land has BEGUN!!

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