Monday, June 16, 2008

Fortune Cookies???

For dinner last night a family expedition was organized to the Chinese Food Buffet in Brandon ... a good time was had by all ... at the end of the meal we recieved the usual fortune cookies and there was a scramble by Noahkila, Ms H, and Beetle to grab and read their respective fortunes ...

Somehow I think a few of them got crossed in the delivery:

Beetle's Fortune:
You tend to think things out the end result before acting ... (Um - NOT!!)

Noahkila's Fortune:
You are sensitive and look deeply into yourself and others ... (sensitive yes ... the rest - I think not)

M's Fortune:
Look with favour upon a bold beginning ... (hmm, bodes well for the present and future)

My Fortune:
It is easier for you to think in pictures than in words. You tend to express yourself poetically ... (well ... that is interesting ... but, I'm not so sure ...)

and last but certainly NOT least:

Ms H's fortune:
You will receive a gift from an unusual source ... (she's waiting eagerly!!??)

Funny how something as simple as a Fortune Cookie can make you think ...

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