Friday, July 04, 2008

I always like these kind of comments ...

Today someone visited the posting from January 2007 entitled God Doesn't Hate Goths and left the following comment:

I am a christian and a goth... well sorta... and came across At first I was OUTRAGED that anyone who claims to be a christian... to know the one living God... could possibly imagine that he could hate anyone!!!

Then I came across the link to godhateswomen and godhatesretards and some others and realized that these are all lies straight from satan himself!

Thank you so much for having this website because I can only imagine how many souls must have been turned away from God by those awful lies.... also the godhateschildren was enough to make any parent...who didnt realize or know what a lie that was... to keep their children away from god forever! It just makes me so sad when I see the way satan works and how sneaky he can be!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much pastor...

The only thing I can say to my anonymous poster is - YOU'RE WELCOME, and Thank You for your words !!!
In this moment there is NO doubt at all, that God is ALL about LOVE !!!

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