Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday 46664 !!!

What can one say about Nelson Mandela ??
A man devoted to freedom ... a man who understood that peace was not a warm pink fuzzy concept with everyone joining hands and making it all okay ... Peace has a cost ... in his case it was a life of struggle that lead to a glorious day in 1994 when he stood before the WORLD as the President of the NEW South Africa.

The struggle is far from over ... but with the example of people like Mandela, we know what needs to be done ...

From a young brash lawyer, to an outlaw guerilla fighter, to prisoner 46664, to president and now to an honoured 90 year old man ... Mandela has been an inspiration to many, and an example to all of what a live devoted to freedom and justice can be.

Happy (belated) 90th Birthdays Mr Mandela ... you've been one of my personal heroes since my teenage years !!!

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