Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Missed it by THAT much ..."

The other night, a conversation with a friend suggested that we go to see the new Get Smart movie ... I'm glad I did.

It is a fun movie that not only honours the original series, but recreates the whole Get Smart universe with delightful and unexpected twists that nod at the comic silliness of the TV series, while introducing a whole new generation to the eccentricities of Max, agent 99, Chief, Siegfried and the characters who make Get Smart just plain fun ... ALL the old lines were there, the shoe phone, the sunbeam and the cone of silence, both old and new make an appearance, and Alan Arkin was BRILLIANT as Chief, and Steven Carell was the PERFECT choice to play Max for the 21st Century !!!

It's NOT a film that will be remembered as a classic, but it is a film that is just entertaining and FUN, and sometimes that just what you need ... a little bit of silly fun !!!

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patrick said...

Get Smart looks okay over all, though Steve Carell seems to be veering more and more toward not so funny slapstick humor