Saturday, July 26, 2008

Moving DayS !!!

The U-Haul Experience ...
... NOT FUN !!!
Monday nite - pick up truck after work and start loading.
Tuesday nite - keep loading after work.
Wednesday morning - continue loading at 5:30 am!!

Wednesday Nite - pull out for Brandon at 4:30 (or so)

The 26' Van was VERY VERY FULL !!

(there would HAVE to be a second load on Thursday)

Wednesday nite- Arrive in Brandon and finish unload at 10pm

Thursday morning - leave for Minnedosa at 7:15am

Thursday Afternoon - second van load finished by 4:00pm

Thursday night - finished unloading van

in a wicked thunderstorm at 8:45pm!!!

The move more or less completed ... the little house is VERY FULL ...

... in 6 weeks we do it again when M's stuff gets taken to her house !!

(Friday morning at 6:30 am - I got up and got ready to fly to BC)

I had planned on ONE moving Day ...

... so go the best laid plans !!??!!


shauna said...

Congratulations! That is the hardest part, and while I won't minimize the difficulty of unpacking, there's something about having all your "stuff" where it now belongs (even if it's not unpacked) that's comforting.

So happy that you're moving into a new place!

Indigo said...


Speaking from one who has moved 4000 pounds personal effects to and from the Arctic no less than three times (and can guess the correct weight of a 72 litre rubbermaid tote to within .5 pound) THAT van is no where near full or even half full.

Have fun on the coast


shawn said...

Thanks Shauna ... 'preciate it !!

And, to my beloved Indigo: YES my friend, the van wasn't full in that picture ... there was STILL stuff to go in ... I took a breather and a picture ... YOU should know me better than THAT ... A FULL van is a FULL van ... the second was about 1/3 full, but took most of the day to fill ...

Anyway you slice it though - TOO MUCH CRAP !!!