Sunday, July 13, 2008

3 ... 3 ... 3 ...

This morning I pulled out the set of Season 3 of Hawaii Five O

I popped in the disc 3 of the set

and I turned on show number 3 on the disc, an episode entitled "Over Fifty? Steal." which starred Hume Cronyn as a gentleman thief who to quote Jack Lord's character McGarrett "sure can play the game."

The entire episode was a delightful and almost comic romp that pitted Cronyn's character Mr Avery Filer against McGarrett and his team in a cat and mouse game that often saw the mouse dancing before the very nose of the unsuspecting cat ... it was just plain fun ...

Sometimes you need a good entertaining story ... and the third track on the third disc of the third season of Hawaii Five O is simply that ... a good story ... even the music backing the episode has a light-hearted jazzy beat ... Cronyn and Lord made a good team, comedic and otherwise ... too bad I have to wait for Season Four to see Avery Filer return to once again match wits with McGarrett and his team ...

I had to use this picture of Hume Cronyn,

it is the cover of the 1976 Programme of

The Stratford Shakespearean Festival's

production of

The Merchant of Venice.

It was TOO good to pass up!

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