Friday, February 23, 2007

Daddy I want ...

Noahkila has brought home an encyclopedia of dogs from the school library. He and his sisters have been pouring over the pictures, deciding which breeds of dog they really want to have. Last night on the way out of the coffee shop the following conversation ensued ...

Noahkila: "I know what kind of dog I really want."

Beetle: "I want a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel."

Noahkila: "Yeah me too !! What kind do you want dad?"

Dad: "I would like a nice Newf."

Noahkila: "Yeah, I knew that too."

Dad: "She has to be pretty though, and kind. She needs to be able to cook well, and keep my bed warm. And it would really nice if she was good with kids and didn't mind helping out around the house doing some of the chores."

Ms H.: "Are you talking about a DOG?"

Dad: "No, she would have to be pretty."

Noahkila: "DAD !! We were talking about what kind of DOG you want, not a person ..."

Dad: "Oh ... I guess I'd want a Newfoundlander for a dog too ..."

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