Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flat Stanley goes to school ...

Today I was the mystery reader in Beetle's class. I went with a copy of Storm Boy in hand to read to her class, and tucked in my back pack was our little visitor from Victoria - Flat Stanley!!

Our first stop was the school library ... Stan was thrilled when we found copies of HIS BOOKS:

We had a really good look around the library ... we met the Principal,
some students and the LIBRARIAN:

From the library we went to Mrs L's classroom, where Beetle sat

with Stan while I read the story.

I left, and Stan spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in class:

Flat Stanley had a great time at TCS, and

Beetle's class was glad to meet him ...

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Whats a Nubian said...

Way to go Stanley! Looks to me like Stan needs to go to Chipperfields with Shawn, but it can be hard to judge from blogs.