Friday, May 04, 2007

Gee You THINK, Mr Dosanjh????

All I can say to Ujjal Dosanhj is: AMEN !!!

From today's media Former BC Premier, Ujjal Dosanhj speaks of the 1985 Air India Bombing over the North Atlantic, and the long dragged out process and investigation of that crime by saying:

“Maybe it’s harsh coming from me at this day and age but I genuinely believe if you had 329 white Anglo-Saxons killed in an Air India disaster, you would have had an inquiry in no time.”

“I’ve never spoken so harshly before but that’s the truth and Canadians have to, we have to confront that truth,” he said. “The fact is racism lurks in various nooks and crannies of this society. All of us have dark corners in our hearts. We have biases and prejudices that we live with. We have to all kind of come clean and deal with these issues.”

I've thought this very thing since the bombing ... It's about time someone belled this cat.

Way to go Mr Dosanhj !!!! Maybe we should restart the Ujjal for Prime Minster movement ... ??

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