Monday, May 14, 2007

Nice ...

Dad: "Ms H. Can you call your brother down for supper ?"

Ms. H.: "Okay ..."

She then moves to the bottom of the stairs and at the TOP of her lungs begins screaming:

Ms H.: "Noahkila, you're a loser !!! You're an idiot !!! You're a freak !!! You've ALWAYS been a loser and an idiot and a freak !! ..."

Dad: "Hey !! Hey !! Hey !! What are you doing?"

Ms H.: "You told me to 'call him down'. So, I'm calling him down ..."

Dad: (stunned into speechless silence ...)

For his part Noahkila was listening to music in his room, so he missed the whole situation !! Thank God for small mercies !!

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Candygirlflies said...

And if he HAD heard her, he no doubt would have pounded down those stairs top-speed just for the sake of pummelling her into quiet submission... and made it to the table on time for dinner, too...

There's almost ALWAYS some sort of method behind the madness (at least in my experience as a parent).