Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hurrah !!! A Wrong Number !!

Yesterday over At The Half Note, Katie posted an entry about a wrong number she gets periodically from an elderly lady who leave a voice mail message with best wishes ... Katie noted she has no idea who the lady is, but mused whether she should call her sometime and chat ...
I think Katie is on to something. But more than that, I think this delightful stranger could teach ALL of us something about making the world a better place ...
What would it be like if we embraced wrong numbers as an opportunity to meet new people and wish a stranger a "Blessed day" rather than seeing the wrong number as an aggravation??
Could we make the world a kinder gentler place by embracing a wrong number rather than slamming down the phone in frustration?
Could we connect with wonderful new people because our finger poked the wrong number?
I think it's not only possible, but that there is every indication we could turn an aggravation into a blessing if we dared to try ... So next time you call or recieve a wrong number, be polite, be kind and remember that all of us are human beings worthy of respect and love ... and maybe we can connect with someone who just needs a little bit of sunshine in their day ...
Remember - strangers are just friends we haven't met yet !!!
Thanks Katie for reminding us of that ... You rock !!

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