Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What the ... ???

At the dinner table the other night, a veggie tray from the local deli was opened and placed on the table before the ravenous horde that are my children after a long day at school ... The cucumbers were divided up between the girls, the brocolli was clained by Noahkila, and the celery was carefully seperated into three even piles ... Then they came to the cauliflower ...

Cauliflower. At the best of times it is NOT the most appealing of vegetables ... yet this night the following exchange took place:

Bex: Ms. H. YOU can't have ALL the cauliflower.

Ms H.: I'm NOT.

Bex: It's NOT fair. You took too much cauliflower.

Ms H.: I did not.

Bex: You did!!! I want MORE cauliflower.

Ms H. You can't have more, then it's not fair to me. I want some too.

Bex: DAD !!! Ms H. is taking too much cauliflower and I want some ...

Dad: You're fighting over Cauliflower ???? Did I miss the axis of the planet slip this afternoon sometime ??

Noahkila: Sick isn't it ???

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