Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A visit to the Snake Pits at Narcisse ...

Today, after a lazy sleep in kind of morning, we decided to head to Winnipeg for the day ... our original plan was to go to The Snake Pits at Narcisse, north of Winnipeg, but the thunderstorms that were tracking across Manitoba this morning put our plan in doubt ... About half way to Winnipeg, the weather was cloudy but not rainy, so the decision was to turn left and head overland on a gravel road to Narcisse !!!

We arrived shortly after 1 and Noahkila' s God Mother Auntie W, Ms H, Beetle and I walked to the snake pits ... Noahkila stayed in the van.

There weren't lots like other visits, but at pit #4 there were dozens of red sided garter snakes writhing in the grass around the pit ... we saw enough to make the trip worth while:

The snake pits at Narcisse are truly awesome - they are a must see stop in Manitoba each Spring !! Unless of course you don't like snakes !!!??

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Tai said...

Great photographs, Rev. What a place, I'd love to see this in person.