Sunday, May 20, 2007

May Long ... The Birthday Weekend !!

For many in Canada, the May Long is lived out as the May 2 4 weekend, with more than a 2 4 of beer being consumed ... In our household though, the May Long weekend remains a Birthday-ing Weekend for us ... Noahkila turns 13 on Monday, and Beetle turned 8 today ...

So on our May Long Weekend, thoughts of Queen Victoria are pushed aside and our life is focused on dinners, cakes, celebration and fun ... Noahkila's God mother has arrived for her annual Holiday with us ... it is worth noting that W has NOT missed one of Noahkila's birthdays since his arrival back in Bella Coola in 1994 ... I still remember leaning in the garage door that day and saying to W (who was working on a kayak in the garage ) "I'm going to see my son ..."
It was a proud day ... I'm still proud of him !!!

I had been there when he arrived ... I had gone home to sleep before coming back to see him and mom ... there are few sensations like holding a sleeping new born in your arms and looking down at their beautiful face and thinking - "wow, this is MY kid !!!"

I also remember Beetle's rushed arrival ... she stayed late and entered in a big hurry!! If it had taken me any longer to park the van, I would have missed it ... I'm glad I didn't. What I remember most was her massive frame tucked into a tiny incubator in the nursery at the Langley Hospital. She had swallowed merconium, so there was some concern ... she weighed in at a whooping 10 lbs and 14 ozs !!!! So to see her along side tiny underweight newborns was startling !! I don't think the nurses appreciated my comments about "the baby that could eat the others !!" But with her feet pressed against one end and her head cramming the other, I just couldn't help it !!!

They've grown alot in the last few years ... Noahkila is on the verge of becoming a man - and he will in time be a fine young man, despite the challenges he offers his parents and his sisters ... Beetle remains a drop of golden sunshine in our world - demanding, bossy but capable of great caring, with a wonderful smile and cheery disposition - she captured my heart long ago ...

It's a busy weekend ... but it is one filled with memories ... laughter ... love and nothing but potential.

Our May Long is always long on love ... and that's okay ... I would want it no other way.
I love my kids and I am blessed and privileged to be their dad !!
Happy Birthday Beetle !!

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itzktb said...

What a beautiful piece Rev. Your children are so lucky to have you.

Happy Birthday Beetle!